About our Cheeses

All of our cheese is made with 100% pure, full cream, EM milk from the Oyadomari Dairy in Ozato, in Nanjo-shi, Okinawa. This milk is completely different to the milk sold in cartons in supermarkets. Although it is possible to make cheese from supermarket milk, the taste is inferior. Supermarket milk is a blend of milk from various dairies. Most of the cream has been removed, and it has undergone various processes, such as homogenisation that alter the taste and consistency.

cheese-strip1bOur milk comes straight from the cows. Nothing is added to it and nothing is taken away. The only processing is low-temperature pasteurisation, at 63°C for 30 minutes.

Various natural products may be added for colour and flavouring, such as fuuchiba, uchin, beni imo, beetroot, pipaachi, chipotle, peppercorns, sun dried tomato and dried mushrooms of various kinds.

The only salt we use is Aguni sea salt.

I’m often asked, “What kind of cheese is this?” And I’m at a loss to know how to answer. There are thousands of kinds of cheese in the world. I have collected hundreds of recipes. Using the recipe for Cheddar, for example, I can make make a “Cheddar” cheese. But, to be honest, it can never be a Cheddar. Cheddar is a small town and cave system in the West of England. The milk they use is different, the air is different, the temperature and humidity are all different. I can not even be sure that the recipe I have for Cheddar is the same as that used by the Cheesemakers in Cheddar. The exact recipe is a family secret.

Add this to the fact that I am a person who finds it difficult to do the same thing twice, and you will find some quite original and, I hope, delicious cheeses.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Cheddar (see above)
  • Fuuchiba Ripple (at the end of the process, the cheese curds are washed in dry pressed fuuchiba and shungiku juice.
  • Uchin Robiola (a simple Italian style cheese with uchin)
  • The “Beet” Goes on (coloured with beetroot).
  • Chocobeer Ripple (at the end of the process, the cheese curds are washed in reduced Chocolate Beer (EzoBeer, from Hokkaido).
  • Golden Oyster (local mushrooms dried with added ukon).
  • Blue Caraway (blue cheese with caraway seed).
  • Paprika Ripple (a Cheddar style cheese with paprika marbling).
  • Mimolette (WITHOUT the insects!)
  • Feta
  • Wensleydale with Cranberry
  • Pecorino (plain and peppered)
  • Red Eye (with sun dried tomatoes).
  • Firecheese (very spicy, with dried chipotle and kooreguusu).
  • Bitter chocolate and dried tomato
  • Wensleydale with fig
  • Ricotta Salata Fumigato (crumbled on pasta, it is delicious).
  • Hop Cheese (made with hops – the same hops that are used in beer making).

I also make a variety of soft cheeses, Camembert (plain and blue), Brie (plain, blue or with uchin), Coulommiers, (plain and with dried mushrooms), Reblochon, Taleggio.

I always have plenty of ricotta and will make Quark on order.

These are all cheeses that I love to eat and I hope you will love them too. Making them and seeing the tastes develop as they mature is a real pleasure.

I hope you can enjoy them too.

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