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Ozato White

Ozato White

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Named for the region where it was born, Ozato White has a white mould surface similar to Camembert, and a flavour that is slightly acidic, somewhat like a yogurt,and very milky.

This cheese has been a favourite with our customers since it was born, nearly 10 years ago. It won the Nanjo Selection Award in 2015.

Our cheese factory is located in Ozato in the Southern part of the main island of Okinawa. Since this cheese was born here, it seemed appropriate to give it the name of Ozato.

Okinawa is very hot and humid for half of the year and natural Brie and Camembert do not last long. We wanted to create a white mould cheese that would be able to withstand the heat and humidity of the Okinawan summer and so Ozato White was born.

A mild and very milky cheese, Ozato White has a thin layer of white mould on the surface and a flavour reminiscent of Camembert. It pairs well with beer,wine, awamori or just by itself.

Similar to: Camembert, Brie
Often ordered with: Ozato Basil, Taleggio
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