Who is “The Cheese Guy?”

My name is John Davis. I was born in England and have lived in Japan continuously since 1976.

As soon as I arrived, I fell in love with the Japanese cuisine. I found a rich world of food that I hadn’t known existed. I loved it all.

But there was one thing I missed.

There was no cheese here.
Every time I went abroad, I brought back a suitcase full of cheese.

Then I remembered helping my mother make cheese as a child and decided to see if I could revive the skills. Getting hold of the ingredients in Japan was difficult, but I managed it. The first few attempts were surprisingly good. I was encouraged.

I made more. I found a way to get the ingredients. Friends started to ask for cheese. Well, very shortly I had sold out.

So, I thought, “I wonder if I could do this as a business?”

I realised that I would have to think bigger.

Luckily a good friend introduced me to a relative of his in Ozato. He had 130 Holstein cows and wanted to make cheese, so we decided to join forces.

Now we have a fully equipped cheese factory on the Oyadomari Bokujo in Ozato, Nanjo shi.

  • Kelly & Akemi san separating curds & whey.

  • Rieko san making Ozato White.

  • Sadako san & Shoko san in the shop.