A gift box is a great way to say, "Happy Birthday," to show your appreciation for someone or to send season's greetings. It can be a thank you present for wedding guests or employees.

The gift box can be personalised with your message, a card, or a sticker on the front of the box. There is no charge for this service. Send John an email with the message and any photos or illustrations and we will incorporate this into the design.

We are also familiar with Japanese traditions for gift giving and will incorporate traditional designs into the card, message or sticker on request.

We are not set up for international delivery, but on the other hand, this service is very convenient for people living abroad who have friends or relatives in Japan.

The easiest way to do this is:

1. Go to the Selection Pack page.
2. Choose an appropriate Selection Pack.
3. At check out fill in the recipient's contact details for shipping.
4. Send a message or email to let us know the delivery time and date.
Include in the message any special instructions, message, or photo.
Please send photos in .jpg or .png format.

This is an order made service, so please feel free to make any adjustments as necessary. The size of the selection pack can be adjusted to make a larger selection or a smaller one or to include specific cheeses. The Gift Box might go out to several people, not just one. Anything can be considered.

Say it with cheese!

PS For a really special gift, why not add an "Ultimate Dessert" Set?