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Chura Nanjo

Chura Nanjo

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This cheese celebrates its birthplace. Nanjo is a peaceful, semi rural area in Okinawa. It is not dynamic, but gentle and comforting, with beautiful beaches, green meadows and hills and abundant produce.
Chura Nanjo cheese is like this, as gentle and relaxing as a fresh breeze through tall grass.

There is a story behind the name of this cheese. Years ago, we found a recipe for an Italian cheese named Bel Paese. We tweaked and adapted the recipe so many times that it was no longer the same cheese. We couldn't call it Bel Paese any more, because it definitely wasn't. So I thought I'd play around with the name.
"Bel" means beautiful in Italian, and "Paese," country. Beautiful in the Okinawan dialect is "Chura" (beautiful) and the country in our case is Nanjo. So the name of the cheese became Chura Nanjo. Perfect!

Chura Nanjo loves fruit. It goes really well with a slice of pineapple. Any other slightly tart fruit works well, apple, pear, etc.
In wines, reds, such as Malbec or Shiraz go well, but white wine does well too. Due to the mild nature of this cheese, it will go with more or less anything. It's not an aggressive cheese, but like Nanjo, gentle and accepting.

A very young Mimolette, or Gouda. Okinawans say it reminds them of the Cheddar that was distributed by the Americans after WWII.
One of my personal favourites.
Similar to: Gouda, young Mimolette, Cheddar
Often ordered with: Fuchiba, Goya, Ozato Basil, Ozato White, Cheddar, Black Pepper
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