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Fermented Butter Herb and Garlic

Fermented Butter Herb and Garlic

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The cows at the Oyadomari Dairy in Nanjo are famous for their rich, creamy milk. The top of the milk is cream and the top of the cream is butter. So, Oyadomari butter is the best made with the best, real luxury. And to top it all, our butter is cultured to give it an extra rich flavour. Available in three flavours, unsalted, salted (pure) or with garlic and herb.

1. Melt in a frying pan and gently fry slices of baguette to make a herb/garlic toast
2. Melt in a frying pan and fry fish in the melted butter - specially recommended for Okinawan fish because of their low fat content.
3. Place a slice of our Herb and Garlic butter on a steak or grilled chicken.

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