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Halloumi Yaku Yatsu (Grill Cheese)

Halloumi Yaku Yatsu (Grill Cheese)

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Halloumi is our best selling cheese. When people taste our Halloumi, they want more. It is gorgeous. This is a very special cheese. It's designed for grilling. You can eat it raw, if you like, but, honestly, it's pretty tasteless. Pop it on a frying pan or hot plate and grill it so that it's soft and lightly browned and it's amazing.

This is a cheese for everybody. Children love it. It's great with any kind of drink, just as a snack on its own, in a salad or even in a curry or miso soup!

Traditional Halloumi is very, very salty. This is because it's a fresh cheese and, in the days before refrigerators, the only way to keep it was to cover it in salt.

We changed the recipe to use less salt and recommend that it is kept in the freezer. Unlike most other cheeses, Halloumi doesn't lose quality when it is frozen. In the freezer, it will keep for up to six months.

This cheese is our best seller. Everybody loves it. There is a reason for this. People have likes and dislikes in cheese, but even people who don't like cheese generally love it when it's grilled.

This cheese is designed for grilling. You could eat it uncooked, but it's totally uninteresting. It comes to life when it's grilled.

Halloumi is an ideal cheese for fusion cooking. It doesn't melt and so does very well in anything where heat is involved.
Tempura is one of our favourites. Cut it into sticks, dip in tempura batter and fry. We like it with matcha salt. Breadcrumbs also work well. "Halloumi katsu!"
 Shabu shabu works well.  Cut the halloumi in thin slices and dip it in the broth for a minute or so. It soon becomes soft and super delicious! Also, using kombu dashi, vegetarians can enjoy a cheese shabu shabu. 
Thin slices of halloumi go well in a Japanese hot pot (nabe). Curry is also excellent as halloumi is very similar to paneer, an Indian cheese. Sliced in thin slabs and fried in olive oil, it becomes Saganaki, a signature Greek dish.
Cut the halloumi into small pieces and add to a stir fry. Heat some olive oil in a frying pan, add pieces of halloumi, then add beaten and seasoned eggs for a memorable omelette. There are so many ways to use this wonderful cheese!

We slice our halloumi into 100g blocks and shrink wrap it. It will keep in the freezer in perfect condition for at least six months. Take it out and defrost it as you need it. 

Similar to: Caciocavallo, mozzarella
Often ordered with: Cheese curds (fresh cheese)

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