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Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow

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Mellow Yellow - a song by Scottish folk singer Donovan or a fizzy drink put out by Coca Cola? In our case, neither. Mellow Yellow is the name we gave to one of our best loved cheeses. The colour is yellow and the taste is undeniably mellow.
Beautiful to look at and to eat, Mellow Yellow is another of our cheeses that is completely original. This cheese uses a combination of cultures to create a rich flavour. As for exactly what cultures we use, I'm afraid that is our little secret.
There are black lines inside and on the outside of the cheese. This is edible ash - bamboo, to be exact. Before moulding, bamboo ash is sprinkled on the curds and on the outside of the cheese. The white mould then grows over the ash. This changes the acidity of the cheese and gives it a slightly nutty flavour.
Mellow Yellow well goes on bread or on a cracker, or just by itself. Because of its unusual appearance, it is a popular choice for cheese boards. It would pair well with a light wine, for example a sparkling wine such as a dry Lambusco, or a cup of tea - with milk, of course!
Similar to: Gouda, Edam
Often ordered with: Ozato Basil, Taleggio, Ozato White
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Talese Amer
My favourite

Probably the cheese I love the most here. Mellow but still quite a deep flavour. Im not even that big a fan of yellow cheese but I love this one. Beautiful colours as well.

ami hayama