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Similar to camembert and feta, stracchino is great on bread, on a cracker, in a salad, on grilled meat, with mayonnaise to make a dip. A very versatile cheese.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We use Himalayan Pink Salt to flavour our cheeses. This will show up as red or pink dots or lines on the cheese. This is not mould, it is salt and perfectly good to eat.

Similar to: Feta (fresh), gorgonzola (matured)
Often ordered with: Anything

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Customer Reviews

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Vessela Ivanova Sadamori
Thank you for making this Bulgarian happy!

Hello, dear Cheese People!
My order arrived in a day and was perfectly packaged. Thank you!
I loved the cheese I ordered - it is known as Sirene in my country, Bulgaria. It is similar to Feta except that it is made with cow’s milk. Your Sirene exceeded all my expectations. It was creamy and with well balanced acidity - great to put on a salad or to make a cheese pie. Unfortunately it was too good to survive long enough for the latter 🙂 Since cheese like this is a little salty, I like to make my own low salt brine and keep the cheese in it overnight. It’s even better then!
Thank you for making this Bulgarian happy! Your Sirene can safely compete with the one I find back home.
私の国ブルガリアではシレネと呼ばれています。私の国ブルガリアではシレネと呼ばれています。貴社のシレネは私の期待以上のものでした。クリーミーで酸味のバランスがよく、サラダにのせても、チーズパイにしても最高でした。残念なことに、後者にはもったいなくて長くは使えませんでした🙂 このようなチーズは少し塩辛いので、私は塩分控えめの塩水を自分で作り、その中にチーズを一晩入れておくのが好きです。そうするともっと美味しい!

A regular favourite

It has become a weekend routine for me to have poached egg on toast and it is incomplete without John's stracchino. It works wonderfully with almost any toasted bread and when more mature it is heavenly with a soft poached egg.