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Juniper and Fennel

Juniper and Fennel

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The idea for Juniper and Fennel cheese came one morning. It was winter. The room was cold, but it was nice and warm in bed.

There is a delicious state between sleep and wakefulness when you are not dreaming, but not fully conscious either.

I was wondering what cheese to make that day and I had the idea of flavouring a cheese with fennel and crushed juniper berries. I ran the flavours through my mind and the more I thought about it, the better it seemed.

I wrote it down immediately because these ideas disappear as soon as they come! Then, that day, I added crushed juniper berries and fennel to a pecorino style cheese. This cheese takes three months to mature and it was a long three months!
Then, finally, I got to taste it and gave it A+++! A great cheese!
Juniper and fennel really go well together in a cheese. Juniper is the main spice in gin and I jokingly describe this cheese as an edible gin and tonic without the tonic!
Juniper is used in many European dishes, especially in sauces. Its fragrance adds to meat dishes in particular. Fennel gives body to the taste. This is a most unusual cheese.

Fennel is slightly sweet and this cheese pairs beautifully with honey or Jahana Kippan's excellent toganzuke (candied winter melon, a traditional Okinawan sweet). It pairs well with fruit also. A slice of pear or persimmon.

Toganzuke is available for purchase by email, online or at the shop. Or, you can call in at the Jahana Kippan shop behind Kokusai Dori in Naha.

This cheese would pair with a sweet, fruity wine, a dessert wine would go well. With toganzuke, I suggest a slightly bitter, green tea, eaten as a chagashi.

Customers have asked what this cheese compares to, but, honestly, there is nothing similar. It stands alone.

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Customer Reviews

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Laura Inoue
Juniper and Fennel Cheese

This cheese is utterly delicious, I shall certainly be ordering more. It is complete and interesting without being dominating. It makes part of an ideal, quick lunch: good bread with Juniper and Fennel cheese, plus some lettuce - lovely!



Kira Dane

We had the best cheese party!

Paired the cheese with some very good quality local muscat grapes, and some roast beef and meats and crackers.

The toganzuke-juniper fennel combo was SO good. They paired so perfectly together, like you said. That might have been my favorite. I think mellow yellow was another favorite. Loved all of them, though. Our Japanese friends had never had proper cheese before, and it was a very special experience for them. We were celebrating the completion of them building their new house.

Thank you again for the incredible cheese ♥️

Elena Fuoco

We absolutely love your cheese! Amazing flavors. Yesterday we tried the one in the picture below…… we still have to try the others. I like them all but my favorite so far is the Fennel! You are doing an amazing job! I posted the picture on Facebook and you got a lot of love from people and probably you’re going to have some new customers ❤️!

Have a great day!

Elena and John!