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Anyone who has visited our shop in Nanjo knows the taste of our yogurt. It's thick, creamy and just delicious. Especially topped with cacao nibs and Jahana Kippan's excellent togan syrup.

This is the yogurt that I remember from my childhood in England. It is made by a traditional method that dates back thousands of years. There is only ONE ingredient, whole, full cream milk. There are no preservatives or chemical stabilisers, just the pure goodness of the milk from the generous cows at the Oyadomari Dairy. We strain the yogurt to make it sweeter, creamier and more solid.

Yogurt has a short shelf life. We will ship yogurt as close to the date of manufacture as possible in order to give the longest shelf life. However, this may cause a delay in delivery of a few days.

We are only shipping yogurt in the 200g containers. If you require a large quantity, please email us directly.

Here are links to our yogurt toppings:

Togan Syrup

Cacao Nibs

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