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Anyone who has visited our little cheese store in Nanjo City knows the taste of our yogurt. It is rich, creamy and just delicious. And topping it with cacao nibs and Jahana Kippan's excellent togan syrup raises yogurt to new heights!

This yogurt tastes just like the yogurt had as a child in England. Come of it, that yogurt was from a dairy farm too. It is made using a traditional method that has been handed down for thousands of years. There is only one ingredient: whole milk. No preservatives or chemical stabilizers are used, only the pure deliciousness of milk from the generous cows of the Oyadomari Dairy Farm. The yogurt is strained to make it sweeter, creamier, and firmer.

Real yogurt has a short shelf life. In order to extend this as long as possible, we ship as close as we can to the date of manufacture. However, this may delay delivery by a few days.

Our yogurt can also be frozen. Of course fresh is best, but freezing is also possible.

Link to yogurt toppings:

Cacao Nibs

Togan Syrup

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Customer Reviews

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砂稚子 沼田

It tastes so good that I cannot go back to other yogurts.
I used to hate yogurt, but now I am hooked. It has no peculiarities and is very easy to eat. I don't think the flavor is that different when frozen and thawed. I eat it with pancakes, gateau chocolates, etc. instead of whipped cream.